Project Teams

In the 32-Bit Cafe, we have some project-driven teams, full of people who are actively working on things for the Cafe. These are groups of dedicated volunteers who help make the 32-Bit Cafe everything it is. You can join these teams easily through requesting access on our Discourse forum.


We're hijacking the term technomancy a bit, but our Technomancers are building the digital infrastructure to launch and maintain our digital services with grit and cybermagic.

Thank you to our Technomancers!

Event Planners

Our Event Planners are charged with planning and running events at the 32-Bit Cafe. These include Discord events in real-time and website- or submission-based events like our Spring 2023 event.

Thank you to our Event Planners!


Our Scribes group is full of writers, helpful documentarians, and content strategists who work together to knock out tutorials and guides for new and emerging programmers and coders.

Thank you to our Scribes!


Our newest project team is full of artists from a range of media who come together and provide graphics for 32-Bit Cafe projects, events, and infrastructure.

Thank you to our Artists!